CTNext has launched an initiative focused on supporting business sectors and companies with the highest growth potential.

The Growth Company Grants program builds on the success of Connecticut’s early-stage companies and offers backing for strategic projects and customer acquisition.

CTNextProject funds of up to $25,000 per company can be used for, but are not limited to, sales assistance, marketing, strategy, organizational development, technology assistance, bid assistance, and beta testing.

CTNext is particularly interested in companies that provide strong applications in the following areas:

  • Markets with the highest potential for growth
  • Impact of funds on the company
  • Innovative quality of the company
  • Sustainability after implementation of funds

Applicants must first submit an application, slide deck, and audited financials, which will be reviewed by CTNext for eligibility.

Applicants that most strongly align with the program’s mission will be invited to present their company in person.

For-profit companies and non-profit organizations are eligible for the grant.

Selected partners must be based in Connecticut and willing to maintain residence for the duration of the project contract.

For this program, high-growth or growth-stage companies are defined as those that have been incorporated for no more than 10 years, raised private capital, and saw a 20% increase in their annual gross revenues in each of their three previous income years.