The Little Red Book of Family Businesses

By David Bork

With over 40 years as a business counselor, the author offers advice on the issues that challenge family business owners. The book focuses on helping owners manage their family first and business second. It does not, however, purport to provide solutions to the problems family businesses face but serves as a conversation starter to stimulate dialog.

Prescriptions for a Healthy Family Business

By Wayne Rivers

This report written by Wayne Rivers in partnership with the Family Business Institute covers such diverse topics as the male aging process, the stages of family and business development, exit strategies, communication issues, and the most costly estate and succession mistakes made by family business owners.

Family Business

By Ernesto Poza

Based on actual family business consulting and official family documents, Family Business goes beyond traditional textbooks. Now in its fourth edition, it explores actual cases, concepts, and practices that have benefited family businesses. Among notable updates since the last edition is an expanded treatment of family governance challenges and a unique approach to strategic planning.