Everyone in Connecticut is all too aware of what can happen in September and October in terms of strange weather patterns and the damage storms can cause. Not only to homes and neighborhoods but businesses as well. No one can know when a disaster will strike but it pays to be prepared in case of an emergency - In more ways than one.

September is National Preparedness Month for Emergency and Natural Disasters. Every company regardless of size or industry type should have an emergency/disaster recovery plan. A company should take all measures into account and decide how to move forward as quickly as possible in order to minimize business disruption. And just because it's storm season, don't forget about non-weather related disasters, like the fire that destroyed several small businesses this past weekend on the Jersey Boardwalk.

Here's how you can learn more about developing and implementing a comprehensive, all-inclusive natural disaster/emergency plan. CBIA member company, American Integrity Restoration (AIR) in Glastonbury, CT, an industry leader in helping businesses become better prepared for disasters and emergencies, invites you to a free open house at their offices on Monday, September 30 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. At this program, you will hear from and get to meet a wide range of industry leaders who will help your company learn more about best practices when it comes to natural disaster and emergency plans.

Speakers and topics include,

Brian Mauriello, Kinsely Generator - Emergency Backup Power Solutions

Steve Foley, Urban Area Security Initiatives (UASI) Program Manager - Role of Business in Preparing for Disaster Response

Ed Goldberg, Director of Northeast Utilities Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery - Small and Medium Business Focus: Building a Disaster Plan

Marc Scrivener, Willimantic Fire Chief - Fire Department Perspective on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

John J. Boyd, Fandotech/Industrial Defender - Data Center Disaster Preparedness and Best Practices

Carolyn R. Ahern, GreenTree Risk Management - Disaster Preparedness Insurance Coverage Considerations and Critical HR Decisions During a Disaster

To find out more or to register for this free event, contact Allyson Coughlan at (860) 657-2100 or email her at info@1CallAIR.com.