Family Business: The Dynamic Manager's Handbook on How to Build a Family Company
By Dave Donelson

Family Business HandbookDilemmas and dramas are inherent in a family business. Managing a company with family members as part of the workforce creates endless conflict while separating family demands from company needs can be nearly impossible.

This handbook uses ten case studies to examine issues from hiring family members to planning for transition of ownership to the next generation.

Business Continuity—5 Steps to Protect Your Family: Don't Make them the Victim of an Unplanned Business
By Bill BlackFive Steps

Eight of 10 small business have done little to no planning for the death or disability of an owner.

Certified exit planner and the host of "The Exit Coach" radio show, Bill Black walks us through a true story about a business owner who died suddenly and the problems that were left behind.

The book outlines a five-step process to get your business prepared so that your family is not the victim of an unplanned business.

Includes Action Steps and a 15 day challenge to get your family protected.

It's Not What You Make; It's What You Keep: The 7 Steps to Sky-Rocket the Profits of Your Family-Owned Business
By Stewart Clark

It's not what you makeThis book provides a practical how-to guide for any business to pick up incremental improvements across their operation.

Coupled with some clear actions in each chapter, across the whole book, there are some healthy business improvement opportunities for those who choose to act and implement change in their business.