Governance in Family Enterprises: Maximizing Economic and Emotional Success
By AlexGovernance in Family Businessander Koeberle-Schmid, Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez, and Ernesto Poza

Presents a comprehensive overview of governance in family enterprises, including practical management knowledge in easy-to-use frameworks and interviews with renowned family enterprise owners and managers. Readers will benefit from the book's systematic approach and the opportunity to learn from the experience of other family enterprises.


Generation to Generation: Life Cycle of the Family Business
Generation to GenerationBy Kelin Gersick, John Davis, Marion McCollom Hampton, and Ivan Lansberg

The authors views family business as a specific organizational form and focuses on the inevitable maturing of families and their firms over time. Readers will learn about the dynamics and challenges family businesses face as they move through their life cycles. The book is divided into three sections that present a multidimensional model of a family business. The authors use the model to explore the various stages in the family business life span and extract generalizable lessons about how family businesses should be organized.


Innovation in the Family Business: Succeeding through Generations
Innovation in the Family BusinessBy Joe Schmieder

The author shares a broad range of tools and pathways that family businesses across sectors use to stimulate, execute, measure, and reward innovation. The 50-plus family stories cited in this book will inspire any family enterprise to create a strategy and environment that can stimulate success for many generations to come.


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