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Each month, we profile a Connecticut small business, showcasing the ingenuity and innovation driving the state’s economy. For June, we spoke with Jacqueline Purcell, the owner of Branford-based Fusion Title Search.

Fusion Title Search

When was your company founded?


How many employees work for your company?


Who are your customers?

Attorneys and title companies

What makes your company unique?

There are only three states in the country—including Connecticut—that are town-based when it comes to their land records. 

Title search companies are becoming obsolete in Connecticut as more and more attorneys and title companies utilize Connecticut’s online land records. 

Many people are also using individuals from other countries, risking expertise for lower pricing. 

We use technology to our advantage, while guaranteeing our clients that they will get a perfect title search every time.

Companies from out of state, as well as copying costs, $20 scan fees, and gas prices have forced title searchers to seek other professions and cease doing business in Connecticut. 

Our company has looked outside the box. We use technology to our advantage, while guaranteeing our clients that they will get a perfect title search every time without compromising integrity or price. 

Homebuyers and residents refinancing their homes want to know they are protected and only Connecticut title searchers know how to do that as we have a unique state with town-based land records. 

We want to save our industry and our profession and help Connecticut residents not compromise liability with the title of their homes.

What is a fun fact about your business or its history?

Title searchers got paid double 10 years ago than what they do now in Connecticut.

Why did you choose Connecticut?

I was born and raised in Connecticut so I naturally chose to own my business here. 

I love all Connecticut has to offer, including the uniqueness of being town-based instead of county-based in regards to land records. We are a quick trip away from New York City, Boston, and Newport.

What is the greatest advantage to operating in Connecticut?

I love operating in Connecticut—the 169 towns are unique. 

I get to drive all over the state and see how amazing each individual town is and all the different aspects the towns have to offer. 

With the exception of Vermont and Rhode Island, every other state in the country has county-based land records.

How do you try to give back to your community? 

We host three food drives a year and believe that no family or child should be hungry. 

We give back as much as we can to this cause. We also support criminal justice reform and helping returning citizens because we believe in second chances.

Where do you see your company in five years? Ten years?

I see us branching out across other avenues to help educate homeowners about the importance of a title search. 

Our goal is to work towards licensing for title searchers in Connecticut so there could be regulation surrounding our industry.

What is the main thing policymakers could implement to make your company more competitive?

We need policymakers to fight against the $20 scan fee that is debilitating to our industry. 

Currently there is a $20 fee if any person takes a picture on their cell phone of a public document of the town clerk’s land records. 

Also, I believe there should be regulations and licensing for title searchers in Connecticut to keep the business in Connecticut and avoid giving outside states and countries access to our land records.

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