Fifteen business volunteers recently visited the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology to talk about their careers with 130 of the high school’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Nearly all seniors are college-bound, and the juniors are preparing for the SAT.

Danielle Morin, O&G Project Engineer, with students on Career Day 2017.

The business volunteers helped students see what life is like on the other side of high school and college.

The students broke into smaller groups and attended eleven different career presentations.

The diverse group of volunteers covered a range of engineering careers including construction, military, geotechnical, software, civil, environmental, and mechanical. Other jobs represented included a police detective, a creative director, and an entrepreneur.

The event was successful with 92% of the students describing the program as “great” or “good” and all volunteers classifying their experience the same way.

The vast majority of students attendees (95%) said they would recommend the program to their fellow students.

Sean Pearson, Information Technology Manager for Pratt & Whitney, discusses his career with students.

“They make me want to stay in school and work my hardest. They really motivated me,” said one student in his evaluation of the program.

The event was run by CBIA’s Education & Workforce Partnership, which coordinates business engagement at the school.

Many of the volunteers who participated in the program represent member companies.

Due to the event’s popularity, Career Day was actually held on two different days--February 16 and March 3.