CBIA Education and Workforce Partnership program manager Dayl Walker was recently recognized by NAF for her work and commitment to high school students.

This July, Walker was awarded NAF's Advisory Board Champions Award, which recognizes individuals who exercise extraordinary leadership in ensuring students have the opportunity to participate in work-based learning activities designed to prepare them for college, career and future success.

CBIA's Dayl Walker and NAF President JD Hoye
Dayl Walker (right) with NAF President JD Hoye.

She was recently honored at NAF’s annual conference.

Hartford Public High School's Academy of Engineering and Green Technology provides real-world internships for students at CBIA member companies, offers transformative project-based learning experiences, and incorporates ongoing access to businesses through its advisory board.

Much of that work at CBIA is overseen by Walker.

“The academy's success is the result of many invested partners, but its sustainability is a testament to Dayl’s dedication to the school and its students,” said CBIA Education and Workforce Partnership executive director Andrea Comer.

“Her indefatigable approach to connecting businesses, students, and school staff energizes us all.”

As a NAF academy, AEGT is required to provide students with work-based learning experiences.

In 2013, students designed and built a hybrid wind-solar generating system now providing power to a remote Nepalese village.

Two years later, they delivered two more power systems to schools in the Nepalese villages of Namdo and Karang.

The Education and Workforce Partnership helped create the academy in 2009.

It currently serves over 370 students.