Employers play a critical role in ensuring access to the COVID-19 vaccine for their staff and communicating about eligibility.

This is particularly important during early phases of the vaccine program, where supply will be very limited. For instance, in Phase 1a, only healthcare personnel and medical first responders are eligible to receive vaccine. 

To make the COVID-19 vaccine available to staff members, the Connecticut Department of Public Health recommends the following steps:

  • One representative (referred to as the employer coordinator) from each organization that employs populations eligible to receive vaccine in early access phases should complete this survey.
  • The representative should be an individual who has access to a roster of eligible personnel within their organization (e.g., healthcare personnel for Phase 1a).
  • Completing this survey will prompt an email to be sent from the Vaccine Administration Management System so the employer coordinator can register the organization. The email will not come immediately, as verification may take 24-48 hours.
  • Once registered, the coordinator can upload a roster which allows eligible personnel to schedule a vaccination appointment once supply is available. The employer coordinator will also be invited to attend a training covering VAMS as well as enabling vaccine access for your workforce.


Providers administering the vaccine can find more information on the Department of Public Health's website