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Technology Talks Podcast: Cybersecurity

BlumShapiro partner Jeff Ziplow and consulting manager Hector Luciano discuss the most pressing cybersecurity threats and the tips your organization can take to keep themselves protected.

The Top Five Critical Internet Security Controls Your Company Must Have

Internet security controlsTechnology has unlocked innovative ways for businesses to discover and service markets, identify and reach new customers, and control inventories and processes.

However, technology has also increased the surface area for which businesses may be vulnerable.

The manufacturing and retail industry, now more than ever, must rise to meet the challenges and defend from both external and internal threats to protect its data and the information of its clients.

Businesses are only as secure as their weakest link. Often times that might be an unsupported web server, a phone system with default settings, or a vulnerable employee.

Training Your Employees on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity trainingWe all make mistakes. Sometimes they are costly. And sometimes, we didn't even mean to do any harm.

Unfortunately, 60% of cyberattacks come from insiders, with 15.5% coming from inadvertent actors—aka, your well-intentioned employees.

Don't underestimate the power of knowledge. The more your employees know about cybersecurity, the less likely your organization is to fall victim to cyberattack.

Keep the conversation going, solicit feedback from your staff and keep the training continuous. It may be just enough to keep your staff from making a critical, and costly mistake.

Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Pharming...Say What?

Phishing, vishing, smishingSo, now you know what ransomware is, you're a cybersecurity master now, right?

Not quite. Keeping up with cybersecurity challenges organization big and small—and keeping up with the lingo can be difficult too.

As new cyberattacks launch day after day, new language and names for these attacks are released as well.

This article will help you understand the basics and keep up with that the latest cybersecurity chat at the office water cooler.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Best Practices Checklist

Cybersecurity checklistNearly 30% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by employees who inadvertently click a malicious link, email or visit a website.

Training is the first line of defense in protecting your organization from phishing and ransomware attacks.

Complete this checklist and see if your organization is providing an appropriate level of cybersecurity training for your employees.