Connecticut employers may, with the approval of the Workers’ Compensation Commission, establish a workers’ compensation medical care plan for providing medical care to injured employees.

In the absence of a company physician, a workers’ compensation medical care plan can enable an employer to be more proactive in controlling the cost and utilization of medical care for work-related injuries.

Along with the approval of such a plan comes the responsibility to educate employees participating in the plan.

The Workers’ Compensation Commission requires that a “plain language piece” be distributed to every employee at the time of plan implementation.

This plain language piece includes a brief general description of the plan and step-by-step directions on how to use it. It also provides a 1-800 hotline number for reporting claims and another toll-free telephone number to ask questions about the program.

Some employers with an approved plan choose also to direct employees to initial care, as allowed in the Workers’ Compensation Act, Connecticut General Statutes section 31-294d.

The injured worker, however, must be made aware of his/her option to either continue treatment with that initial medical provider or to seek treatment thereafter from any provider within the plan’s approved medical provider network.