The Federal Welfare Reform Act and Connecticut law require all employers to report new hires within 20 days of the date of the hire.

The purpose of this legislation is to aid in the collection of child support from delinquent parents.

There is no need to go back beyond six months. After six months, employee information is captured through quarterly Unemployment Insurance reporting.

Click here for a copy of the current state CT-W4 Form.

Please call the Connecticut Department of Labor (860.263.6310) for information on providing a listing of new hires or for file specifications for magnetic reporting.

If a company wants an original CT-W4 form, or multiple copies, these can be obtained from the Department of Revenue Services.

All employees must be reported as a new hire, no matter what the anticipated length of employment may be.

If a worker maintains an ongoing relationship with a company and is recalled periodically, it is not necessary to report the hire each time.

If, however, the employee has not worked for the company for six months, then the employee should be reported as a new hire.

Someone under 18, a student, or a household employee must be reported as a new hire. Neither age nor occupation is a factor in the reporting of new hires.

If a company is based in one state but has employees working or living in other states, the company should send the new hire information to the state where the employee is reported for unemployment insurance tax purposes.

The Superior Court Problem Resolution Unit (800.228.5437) should be able to answer questions about wage attachment/garnishment and withholding wages.