The discounted products and services in our HR Toolkit reduce the need for outsourcing and make your HR department a strategic asset to your company.

  • Recruit. CBIA’s partnership with Careerbuilder offers members a 20% discount on job posting and resume services.
  • Identify qualified applicants. Background screening firm Baker St. Associates offers discounts on pre-employment screening to help CBIA members eliminate risky candidates.
  • Managing personnel. CBIA members can call our free HR hotline (860.244.1900). Our professionals answer your questions on critical human resources and compliance issues.
  • Communicate the value of employee benefits: Show your employees the hidden value of working for your company with discounted personalized benefits statements from BeneCom Associates.
  • Stay in compliance: CBIA’s compliance posters, employee handbook software, onsite training, and other resources help you comply with the law and manage employee relations at reduced member prices.

For more information, call 860.244.1900.