Connecticut is fighting back!

Join the Rebuilding Connecticut coalition to support small businesses, growing our economy, and bringing back jobs.

By signing the Rebuilding Connecticut pledge, I’m supporting a package of common sense ideas that provide the revenue to support essential state services while creating a positive climate for growing jobs and driving critical investments in infrastructure and our cities.

I support each of the policies outlined in the pledge. These ideas will help Connecticut employers—particularly struggling small businesses—manage the high costs of navigating COVID-19 restrictions, create and retain jobs, and lead the state’s economic recovery and growth for the benefit of all residents.

Rebuilding Connecticut demands a change in thinking and a bipartisan approach. Let’s seize the moment to capitalize on the state’s many strengths and not only restore our economy, but make it more vibrant and robust than ever. Connecticut’s fighting back—and our workers, innovators, and local businesses are leading the way.





    For more information, contact CBIA’s Stevie Ann Lis (860.244.1978).