Transform Connecticut Policy Pledge

Election 2022
Issues & Policies

Open the doors to opportunity and make our economy more vibrant, robust, and equitable!

By signing the Transform Connecticut pledge, I’m supporting policy solutions for addressing the worker shortage crisis—policies designed to transform the state for the long term by building a sustainable opportunity economy that emphasizes affordability, meaningful careers, and a positive business climate.

I support each of the following policies, developed with the input of residents and employers from around Connecticut. These ideas will help retain and attract residents, enhance and protect our workforce’s well-earned reputation for innovation and productivity, and promote the state as a high-value destination for businesses large and small.

Transform Connecticut opens doors to opportunity for all communities and residents—tackling the high costs of living and running a business, implementing pathways to rewarding careers, and leveraging the state’s many strengths to make our economy more vibrant, robust, and equitable.

Policy Solutions

  • Incentivize developers and municipalities to build workforce housing on former brownfield sites and in opportunity zones.
  • Help residents struggling with student loans by incentivizing employers to provide employees with loan or tuition reimbursement.
  • Make it easier for small businesses to access and provide affordable health insurance options for employees.
  • Reduce the number of years for transferability of out-of-state occupational licenses from three years to one year.
  • Determine the feasibility of public universities using H-1B cap exempt visas to promote workforce development, using the Massachusetts model as a guide for filling in-demand jobs (as recommended by the Governor’s Workforce Council’s strategic plan). 
  • Reduce the cost of training the workforce of the future by eliminating the sales tax on training programs.
  • Restore the pass-through entity tax credit to its original level, returning more than $53 million that struggling small businesses can use to invest and grow.
  • Promote the development of new products and create a level playing field for small businesses by allowing them to take advantage of the R&D tax credit.
  • Make necessary investments in the state’s unemployment trust fund to address pandemic solvency issues and protect against future recessions. 
  • Promote electric grid reliability and energy affordability by ramping up and optimizing the commercial and industrial energy storage solutions battery incentive program.
  • Support economic growth and job creation by protecting intellectual property and promoting early- and mid-stage private and public investment in the life sciences and medical device sectors. 
  • Incentivize business investment by extending net operating loss carry forwards from 20 to 30 years.

Transform Connecticut Pledge: Candidates, Public Officials

Did your state lawmakers sign the Transform Connecticut pledge?

Are you a Connecticut business leader? Join the coalition now!

For more information, contact CBIA’s Paul Amarone (860.244.1978).


9 thoughts on “Transform Connecticut Policy Pledge”

  1. Robin Comey says:

    I would add affordable and quality Childcare to this list. Thank you

  2. My pledge is to rebuild small businesses by lowering taxes and make it affordable for them to start up and current small businesses to maintain !

  3. Lou Arata says:

    I will propose to make available to smaller companies the investment credit for training skilled workers.
    There needs to be a level playing field in employment and small business needs to have access to the same tools that the much larger military industrial contractors receive here in the State.

  4. Cristian class says:

    Eric Mastroianni would make a great representative and is pro small business, and he supports the Latino community !

  5. State Rep Tom Delnicki says:

    The cost for employers to purchase health care for their employees continues to skyrocket. Association Health Plans are a viable alternative.

    In a recent report, healthcare research firm Avalere has projected that association health plan premiums will have significant savings advantages over alternative insurance options. They predicted that association plan premiums will be “between $1,900 to $4,100 lower than the yearly premiums in the small group market and $8,700 to $10,800 lower than the yearly premiums in the individual market by 2022.” It’s time to make it easier for business groups to form associations and Association Health Plans.

  6. Tim Ackert says:

    It’s time Connecticut eliminated hiring restrictions for construction trades so we can fill open jobs. This would reduce consumer costs in municipalities, building and home owners.

  7. Tony Lopez says:

    Nicole Hampton running in the 143rd District in Norwalk, CT will help stand against the spiraling costs of health insurance that the Legislature that has refused to address. 

  8. Paul Edwards says:

    As a small business owner, I support policies that will reduce the cost of doing business in Connecticut and will promote educational opportunities to improve the workforce.

  9. MArk Stewart says:

    Eric M (in New Haven) will be great for the Assembly. Solid guy, principled, and nice.

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