Articles, guides, and checklists developed by Farmington-based technology consulting firm ADNET Technologies to help companies of all sizes protect themselves against online threats.

Corporate Security Checklist

See where the strengths (and weaknesses) are at your company. These best practices can help make security awareness a priority in your organization and get you on the path to safety.

Gone (Spear) Fishing

General phishing attacks are much less successful than they used to be; the "spray and pray" technique of sending as many emails as possible in the hopes that someone will fall for it are becoming far less useful.

So, unfortunately, the bad guys are getting smarter too. That's where spear phishing comes in.

Online Privacy: You Are the Product

While it can be unsettling to read about all of the bad things that can happen with your information, it may hearten you to realize that you do have some control.

The first thing you need to do is show skepticism and realize that you have valuable data that someone else wants. There are scams, there are fake profiles, and there are bad people online.