Never before in American history has so much attention focused on energy.

Whether it’s conserving conventional energy sources or creating newer, cleaner sources from natural resources, it’s clear that the importance of creating a culture of energy efficiency and renewable energy has taken center stage.

Energy & Green Technology: An Educator’s Guide

The combination of global warming, the depletion of current energy resources, a growing concern over the impact of carbon emissions diminishing the quality of the environment, and dependence on foreign oil has spawned a greater urgency to change the way we use and create energy.

Adding to the urgency is a utilities industry facing a wave of retirements. These challenges present an interesting side effect—the creation of millions of new jobs.

Many “green” jobs are not new. Construction workers, engineers, welders, and electricians are just a few of the workers who will be needed to support a more efficient and renewable energy economy.

But what expertise will these workers need in addition to what they already know, and what jobs are there in this fast-growing field?

Transmission Planning Engineer

A day in the life of a transmission planning engineer.

Fuel Cell Technician

A day in the life of a young fuel cell technician.

Environmental Engineer

A day in the life of an environmental engineer.


A day in the life of an electrician in Branford, Connecticut.

Energy Specialist

A day in the life of an energy specialist.

Applications Engineer

A day in the life of a geothermal energy applications engineer.

HVAC Technician

A day in the life of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician.