Despite some of the economic challenges facing many businesses, Connecticut’s manufacturing sector remains strong.

With nearly 5,000 firms employing over 168,000 workers, manufacturing is a vital component of the state’s economy and job market.

Manufacture Your Future 2.0: An Educator's Guide
Manufacture Your Future 2.0: An Educator's Guide

To stay competitive in a global marketplace, however, Connecticut manufacturers will need a skilled workforce. This is a critical concern now more than ever, as a large share of the industry’s most experienced workers approaches retirement.

CBIA’s 2014 Survey of Connecticut Manufacturing Workforce Needs revealed that manufacturers plan to hire a considerable number of skilled full-time workers between now and 2016 to fill existing and projected vacancies due to employee retirements and company growth.

They need a pipeline of well-qualified workers to meet that demand.

Today’s clean, high-tech manufacturing environment offers a wide range of employment opportunities for young people with various interests and abilities—from computer numerically controlled machine operators to aerospace technicians, machinists to mechanical engineers.

Jobs are rewarding, high-paying, and increasingly dependent on technical, professional, and interpersonal skills as well as a solid foundation in science, math, and English.

Director of Sustainability

Saving money and resources at Curtis Packaging in Sandy Hook.

Mechanical Engineer

A'arika Hawkins, a mechanical engineer with UTC Aerospace Systems, talks about her career pathway.


Lead Machine Operator

Chris Rosado talks about his career with Memry Corporation.

Electrical Engineer

Designing the elevator system for the world's tallest building.

Laser Technician Supervisor

From line cook to making lasers at TRUMPF in Farmington.

CNC Operator

Running a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine at Producto & Moore Tool Company.

Aerospace Technician

A typical day in the life of a young aerospace technician at Pratt & Whitney.

Biotech Manufacturing Supervisor

A typical day in the life of a young manufacturing supervisor at Becton Dickinson.

Applications Engineer

Two young engineers solve problems at Kaman Corporation.

CNC Machinist

Putting math to work at Flanagan Industries.