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9 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 6 an act implementing the governor's budget recommendations for general government Status: Awaiting Action (Appropriations)

Implements the Governor’s budget recommendations for general government including imposition of a new tax on employers to be used for the Connecticut Department of Labor’s expenses.

14 days old CBIA Evaluating
SB 7 an act concerning climate change planning and resiliency Status: Awaiting Action (Energy and Environment Committee)

Implements recommendations made by the Governor's Council on Climate Change, including further incorporating climate change concerns into local regional and state planning documents. It also changes the current requirement for a Comprehensive Energy Strategy every three years to a Comprehensive Climate and Energy Strategy every four years.

14 days old CBIA Evaluating
SB 9 an act concerning connecticut's energy future Status: Awaiting Action (Energy and Environment Committee)

Implements the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's revised Comprehensive Energy Strategy. Creates a new requirement for the amount of Class 1 renewable power supplied to customers; reduces penalties for non-compliance; narrows the array of clean energy technologies the state will consider as Class 1, including stripping fuel cells and certain biofuel technologies of that status; calls for additional charges on ratepayers to fund clean energy and energy efficiency programs.

14 days old CBIA Evaluating
SB 10 an act concerning revenue items to implement the governor's budget Status: Awaiting Action (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Features the governor’s proposed fiscal 2018-2019 budget revisions, including extending the surcharge on corporations, a new tax on employers—0.05% on all taxable wages—used solely to cover state labor department wages and benefits, limiting the $2.5 million cap on unitary (or combined) tax reporting to manufacturers only, repealing the brownfields remediation tax credit program, increasing the hotel tax to 17%, a special 7% tax on restaurant sales, boosting real estate conveyance taxes to 0.85% and 1.4%, canceling a planned 2020 cut in the hospital provider tax, hiking the gas tax by seven cents a gallon, adding a $3 fee on new tire sales, and eliminating the sales tax on non-prescription medicine.

14 days old CBIA Evaluating
SB 11 an act concerning connecticut's response to federal tax reform Status: Awaiting Action (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Features various provisions addressing recent federal tax changes, including decoupling state and federal laws related to the depreciated value of capital investments. This change effectively changes depreciation schedules, with particular impact on manufacturers (see sections 11 and 12).