Fighting to make Connecticut a top state for business, jobs, and economic growth.

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association is the voice of business in Connecticut, with thousands of member companies championing change at the State Capitol, shaping debate about economic competitiveness, and fighting for a better future for all.

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Connecticut Can't Afford More Tax Hikes

Tax hikes haven't worked. It's time for our elected leaders to live up to their promises and get Connecticut back on track.

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63 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 1 an act creating a paid family and medical leave system in the state Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Creates a costly and unsustainable new paid family and medical leave mandate that applies to businesses and municipalities but not the state; also requires hiring at least 120 new state employees, $13 million in start-up costs, and $18 million in annual costs.

19 days old CBIA Supports
SB 5 an act increasing the estate tax exemption Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Merged into SB 787, increases the Connecticut estate tax exemption in increments to match the federal estate tax exemption.

63 days old CBIA Supports
SJ 5 resolution proposing an amendment to the state constitution regarding the special transportation fund Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Proposes a constitutional lockbox for the special transportation fund.

84 days old CBIA Supports
SB 7 an act concerning property tax relief for businesses Status: Died (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Exempts the first $10,000 of a business's tangible personal property from the property tax.

84 days old
SB 8 an act authorizing municipalities to levy a local sales tax Status: Died (Finance, Revenue and Bonding)

Authorizes municipalities to levy a local sales tax.