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Act Now: Paid FMLA Hurts Connecticut's Small Businesses

Tell lawmakers Connecticut small businesses simply cannot afford paid FMLA and ask them to support exempting small businesses from this legislation.

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5 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 1 an act concerning paid family and medical leave Status: Awaiting Action (House)

Implements an unsustainable new paid family and medical leave program for all private sector employees, funded by mandatory payroll deductions. Workers can take up to three months of paid leave annually at 100% of pay, capped at $1,000 per week. Employers must pay nonwage benefits while facing significant administrative and personnel challenges.

74 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 2 an act increasing the minimum fair wage Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Increases the cost of doing business by raising the minimum wage by $1.90 in 2020, $1.50 in 2021, and by $1.50 in 2022, and calls for automatic increases thereafter. Also eliminates the training wage.

14 days old
SB 3 an act combatting sexual assault and sexual harassment Status: Awaiting Action (Senate)

Requires businesses with three or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees, the cost of which may be mitigated by CHRO putting materials online. However, prohibits an employer from changing job duties unless agreed to in writing by individual making harassment complaint, which
creates liability issues for employer trying to ensure safety while affording accused due process rights.

33 days old CBIA Evaluating
SB 5 an act concerning a workforce pipeline and job creation Status: Awaiting Action (House)

Creates a workforce pipeline.

98 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 6 an act concerning net neutrality principles and internet privacy Status: Died (Energy and Technology)

Highly regulates internet service providers, including requiring the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to apply net neutrality principles, enforced through civil penalties.