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261 days old
SB 1 an act concerning innovation, entrepreneurship and connecticut’s economic future Status: Awaiting Action

Intends to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the state by establishing impaCT and StartupCT. Bill does numerous other things as well, including raiding bond funds from the manufacturing Assistance Act and Manufacturing Investment Fund. CBIA opposes taking of manufacturing program dollars.
Merged into SB 502

260 days old CBIA Supported
HJ 1 resolution proposing a state constitutional amendment to protect the resources of the special transportation fund Status: Died (House)

Would have created a constitutional lockbox for the Special Transportation Fund.

261 days old CBIA Opposed
SB 5 an act establishing a fee on the manufacture, distribution, prescription and dispensation of opioids Status: Died (Senate)

Would have in part, imposes a gross receipts tax on opioids sold in Connecticut by manufacturers and wholesalers.

260 days old CBIA Supported
SB 9 an act concerning transparency in public spending Status: Died (Appropriations)

Would have implemented the Governor’s recommendations regarding budget transparency.

260 days old CBIA Supported
SB 12 an act adopting a recommendation of the transportation finance group Status: Died (Senate)

Would have adopted one of the Governor's Transportation Finance Group's recommendations concerning use of the Special Transportation Fund.