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Results for: Healthcare
325 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 22 an act concerning public options for health care in connecticut Status: Died (Insurance and Real Estate)

Establishes the ConnectHealth Program, and authorizes the comptroller to offer coverage to plan participants and beneficiaries under a multiemployer plan, to nonprofit employers and their employees, and to small employers and their employees.

221 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 842 an act concerning health insurance and health care in connecticut Status: Died (Senate)

Authorizes the Comptroller to expand the State Partnership Plan to include small employers and allows the Office of Health Strategy to levy up to $50 million annually in new assessments on all plans throughout the state. The public option plan runs the risk of destabilizing the insurance marketplace and placing taxpayers at risk for future deficits. The assessments will increase the price of insurance for every insured in the state.

270 days old CBIA Supports
SB 1006 an act concerning health care costs, the connecticut health insurance exchange and health equity Status: Died (Insurance and Real Estate)

GOP alternative bill that (1) establishes benchmark program framework; (2) established a reinsurance fund with $20.2m in state funds; (3) increases transparency with the State Partnership Plan; (4) creates Canadian drug importation program; (5) requires the exchange to hold a public hearing and gain approval from the Insurance and Real Estate Committee before additional assessments are passed.

210 days old CBIA Opposes
SB 1007 an act requiring health insurance and medicaid coverage for the treatment of severe obesity Status: Died (Senate)

Requires health insurance and Medicaid coverage for certain surgical procedures performed, and certain outpatient prescription drugs prescribed, to treat severe obesity.

252 days old CBIA Monitoring
SB 1022 an act concerning telehealth Status: Died (Senate)

Mandates fully-insured and Medicaid plans to offer telehealth coverage by in-network providers; cover both visual and; audio and audio-only telehealth services; reimburse providers at the same rate for telehealth services as in-person services, and include LSCWs and LMSWs as eligible providers for telehealth services.