A technology company has identified the position of career counselor as an in-demand job for the near future.

A career counselor helps employees adapt to digital change and acquire the technical skills needed to succeed in the workforce in the coming years.

Technology company Cognizant, which provides businesses with IT and other digital services, identified a set of careers for their technical skills requirements and near-future growth.

Cognizant categorized the careers into several groups, including automation, customer service, healthcare, and work culture.

Among job categories, work culture had the highest year-over-year growth in Cognizant's Jobs of the Future Index, and career counselors, a component of the work culture group, accounted for a seven-fold increase in job postings.

Cognizant said this suggests a "growing need for work culture specialists within businesses."

Technical Skills

Cognizant said work culture is a surprising highlight in their report and that growth in this category may indicate the demand among employers for people who can guide workers on using technology.

Many companies are in the early stages of incorporating technology into their business models.

And while some observers are concerned that technology, like artificial intelligence, will replace workers, Cognizant says a share of available research suggests that new technology will change the nature of jobs, or even create more, rather than displace workers.

So as technical skills take on a bigger role in recruiting employees, companies are searching for people who can adapt and learn on the job.

With more companies looking to improve their staff's technical skills and create a continuous learning model, career counselors will be needed to provide planning and guidance.

Cognizant’s jobs index also notes significant growth among jobs in the fitness and wellness category, including personal care aides and health information managers, both of which saw 100% growth in the last year.

The two slowest-growing jobs were solar installer and solar engineer, which both posted below-zero growth.