Members of CBIA's E2: Energy & Environmental Council achieved another regulatory success January 23 at the legislature's Regulations and Review Committee meeting.

Several members, including many manufacturers, voiced concerns that Connecticut was out-of-step with most other states and the federal EPA by requiring businesses with little or no emissions of air pollutants to still obtain a comprehensive and expensive Title V air permit, based solely on emissions of greenhouse gases.

Often, these emissions are associated with heating and cooling activities.

The committee approved a change to Connecticut's regulations specifying that greenhouse gas emissions alone will no longer trigger the need for a Title V permit.

These generally carbon-based emissions might come from heating and cooling equipment.

This change will help Connecticut's greenhouse gas permitting policies be more in line with its neighbors and a vast majority of other states.

This will improve our economic competitiveness without harming the environment.

CBIA appreciates its members calling our attention to this concern and investing their time and energy to make Connecticut's regulatory climate a little more business friendly.

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