Connecticut will soon receive a major boost in infrastructure funding. 

After months of negotiations, Congress gave final approval to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a bill made up of over $1 trillion dedicated to reinvigorating the country's infrastructure, including investments in repairing roads and bridges, public transportation, and enhanced electrical vehicle funding. 

“We are building a transportation system that will lead to more jobs, economic growth, and more money in people’s pockets,” Gov. Ned Lamont said in a statement.

“It’s going to put people back to work, and it’s going to get our state moving again.”

Much-Needed Help

Recent studies have shown Connecticut’s infrastructure lagging behind the vast majority of other states. 

In April 2021, Connecticut received a C- in a White House report card, which said the state's infrastructure “suffered from a systemic lack of investment.”

And according to a study from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, Connecticut has the fourth worst road infrastructure in the country, with over one-third (34%) of the state’s roads in “poor” or “nonacceptable” conditions.


Connecticut will receive $5.38 billion in federal funding over the next five years, including:

  • $3.29 billion to repair roads, accelerate projects, and reduce traffic congestion
  • $1.3 billion to enhance public transportation
  • $561 million to repair the state’s aging bridges
  • $100 million for broadband coverage
  • $53 million for electric vehicle charging networks

Additional Grants

Connecticut also has the opportunity to compete with Northeast Corridor states for up to $30 billion in grants and the rest of the country for up to $100 billion in grants.

This bill will be the largest investment in Connecticut’s infrastructure in history, followed by the $3.5 billion from the transportation bill Congress passed in 2015.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is welcome news for the Connecticut business community,” CBIA associate counsel Wyatt Bosworth said.

“This historic, bipartisan investment will create thousands of jobs, provide more than $5 billion to upgrade our state's aging infrastructure, and allow for ample opportunity to compete with other states for more than $100 billion in additional grants.”

For more information, contact CBIA's Wyatt Bosworth (860.244.1155) | @WyattBosworthCT