As Connecticut enters the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, the state faces a series of policy decisions that will determine the strength and viability of our economic recovery.

Our state has navigated the past two years better than most. Connecticut is a leader in managing the public health crisis, with one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. 

The state’s fiscal health is also one of the country’s strongest, with a forecast budget surplus exceeding $2.2 billion this fiscal year and a reserve fund projected to hit $5 billion by June 30—a fund that had a zero balance a decade ago.

Connecticut’s once troubled Special Transportation Fund will likely hit a quarter of a billion dollars by the end of the fiscal year, with the Federal Infrastructure and Jobs Act expected to inject $5.4 billion into the state over the next five years.

That healthy fiscal picture provides a platform to do much more than hold the line on taxes and pay down long term liabilities, presenting a tremendous opportunity to not only rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, but develop a robust, vibrant economy.

The 2021 legislative session, which saw the adoption of a number of CBIA’s policy recommendations, did much to position Connecticut for a strong recovery. 

 CBIA's 2022 policy priorities represent the next step in that journey—solutions-based recommendations targeting the numerous challenges ahead, designed to sustain and build on the momentum of the past year.