At Hartford Public High School, a career themed learning pathway is providing work-based learning opportunities and career exposure for students.

The pathway theme at HPHS is engineering and green technology, and the learning design is based on the NAF model.

That model features an industry advisory board composed of business leaders who meet regularly with school leaders to create a high-quality experience striving for academic excellence and career-connected learning.

The EGT pathway at HPHS is managed by ReadyCT, a CBIA 501c3 affiliate that leverages business expertise to advance academic excellence and career-connected learning for public school students throughout the state.

The pathway is made possible through the support of Raytheon Technologies, and it is chaired by Dave Smith, director of aftermarket operations at Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies company. 

Under IAB leadership, students work with their teachers to complete projects, many of which have social impact. In recent years, those projects included:

  • 2019: To help address food insecurity, students designed and installed a water catchment device at a community garden in Hartford.
  • 2018: To provide power to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, students designed and built solar electric-generating systems for remote parts of the island that had no power eight months after Hurricane Maria.
  • 2013: students designed and built a solar-powered wind turbine, which was then transported 11,000 miles from Connecticut to the remote Himalayan village of Saldang, to provide the school with heated classrooms and energy to power laptops; two more of these were built in 2015 for the Nepalese villages of Namdo and Karang.

In 2013, Hartford Public High School students designed and built a hybrid wind-solar generating system now providing power to a remote Himalayan village.

For more information, contact ReadyCT's Gloria Ortiz-Rivera (860.833.8086).