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CBIA Energy ConnectionsIn today's deregulated marketplace, CBIA can help your company find the best deal on electricity and natural gas.

The number of players in Connecticut's energy supply market has grown dramatically in the last few years. Aggregators, brokers, and suppliers are all competing for your business.

But deals that appear to offer the lowest price can contain additional risks to you and hidden costs.

CBIA Energy Connections' expert team helps you make sense of it all. We'll take the time to explain all the variations in the market in clear, straightforward terms so that you understand what’s behind different offers and options.

And once you're in our program, we monitor the marketplace on your behalf to make sure that you renew when pricing is most favorable

In short, we'll help you make informed decisions.

Let us do the work

CBIA Energy Connections' unique purchasing programs can help you find truly attractive prices…without gimmicks or hidden costs.

For larger electricity and natural gas users both inside and outside of Connecticut, we put market competition to work for you through our auction process, in which state approved electric and gas suppliers actively compete for your business.

For electricity users with lower usage, our group purchasing program gives you the price advantages enjoyed by much larger companies.

Additional services

We also can help your company find greater energy cost savings through some of the additional services included in CBIA Energy Connections.

Learn more about utility bill audits, rate class audits, our demand response/ICAP tag management program, and index contracts.

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