Mini stories reveal fascinating attitudes toward work

We asked, and you delivered! Our recent request for your efforts at expressing the essence of HR in six words has generated some great thoughts on the subject, reflecting a fascinating range of perspectives and attitudes. And it's not only possible but very likely that widely divergent sentiments may come from one person, depending on the matter at hand, the company they work for, the scope of their job responsibilities, the makeup of their workforce, or just how their day is going.

Please keep them coming; email is easiest, but feel free to use snail mail if you prefer. Submit often or give it all in one shot. We'll continue to periodically post your six-word stories online, and we plan to review them as a gathered HR community at the upcoming 2015 Annual CBIA HR Conference on March 19.

Here is a sampling of some "Six Word HR Stories" you've submitted to date:

  • No good deed goes unpunished.
  • Babysitting scapegoat for every person's problems.
  • Reliable, fair, and consistent agency wide.
  • Mostly female dominated, but employee approved.
  • Thick skinned, strong willed, informed resources.
  • Open door, open ears, closed mouth.
  • Sometimes frustrating conversations with stubborn staff.
  • Presumption, hearsay, and judgment free zone.
  • Hire well, fire not, be happy.
  • This is...the best job ever!

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