On Jan. 20, 2017, the Trump administration issued a memorandum implementing an immediate freeze on all pending regulations until they have been reviewed and further action has been approved by newly appointed agency heads.

Among the regulations affected by the memorandum are OSHA’s new beryllium exposure standard, previously announced on Jan. 6 and scheduled to take effect on March 9.

The new final rule reduces the eight-hour permissible beryllium exposure limit from the previous level of 2.0 micrograms per cubic meter to 0.2 micrograms per cubic meter and establishes a short-term exposure limit of 2.0 micrograms per cubic meter over a 15-minute sampling period.

Trump's directive would now change the implementation date to March 21.

The administration plans to use the delay to take a second look at the new standard.

At the closure of the review period, OSHA is mandated to notify the director of the Office of Management and Budget if any regulations raise "substantial questions of law or policy."

OSHA would also have the option of proposing to rescind the regulation or further delay implementation so additional action can be taken.