The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration has increased outreach and enforcement efforts for the tree trimming and landscaping industries. 

OSHA's Boston office recently launched the regional emphasis program, which runs through Aug. 4, 2026.

Since 2016, the agency has investigated 31 deaths related to tree trimming, tree removal, landscaping, and site preparation. 

“The number of fatalities, injuries and uncontrolled hazards in the tree and landscaping industries in New England is alarming and unacceptable,” said Jeffrey Erskine, who serves as OSHA's acting regional administrator. 

“These incidents are preventable with proper training and effective safety procedures.”

The most recent deadly accident happened in Massachusetts in September when a worker trimming trees in a residential neighborhood came in contact with high-powered electrical lines. 

Poor Practices

OSHA investigators also compiled evidence showing that poor practices have led to accidents, including workers falling from trees and lifts, being struck by trees, lacerated by saws, and electrocuted by live wires. 

OSHA area officials have begun reaching out to employers, workers, and stakeholders with presentations, informational pamphlets, and articles

In November, they will increase enforcement efforts with programmed inspections of tree, landscape, and site preparation worksites. 

“We are taking this action to raise awareness and improve worker safety in these industries,” said Erskine. 

“The emphasis program will focus on the industry’s major hazards – falls, struck-by objects, electrocution, and vehicular and traffic hazards.” 

OSHA also offers a free on-site consulting program for companies.

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