Two proposals pending before the legislature’s Public Health Committee place restrictions on potential healthcare cost savings and quality improvement.

HB 6951 and HB 5811 seek to change telemedicine laws.

Both bills require a patient to first see a licensed professional before using the service.

CBIA opposes these bills because they limit the potential of telemedicine to positively impact healthcare access, cost, and quality—all major issues for Connecticut employers.

In fact, in a 2015 survey, CBIA members listed healthcare costs as among their top concerns.

Connecticut’s employers contribute to their employees’ insurance premiums and other healthcare costs. Rising premiums and costs make it more difficult for employers to fund employee healthcare.

At the same time, employers value healthy employees because they are the foundation of a productive workforce.

Telemedicine is a just one example of an innovation that addresses healthcare costs and quality.

Connecticut employers offer these services to lower healthcare costs for their employees.

CBIA feels these proposals are a step in the wrong direction.

For more information, contact CBIA’s Jennifer Herz (860.970.4404) | @CBIAjherz