The state legislature's Commerce Committee concluded its business March 22, advancing the committee's final bills of the 2021 session.  

In addition to focusing on the needs of manufacturers and the workforce development pipeline, the committee approved a measure incentivizing businesses to adopt recognized cybersecurity standards.

Under HB 6607, businesses that implement defined cybersecurity frameworks can plead an affirmative defense if they experience a data breach of personal or restricted information. 

CBIA testified in support of this bill, noting HB 6607 provides further incentives for companies to invest in cybersecurity compliance, which is becoming increasingly critical in a growing remote and digitally centered world.

Return on Investment 

Investing in cybersecurity can be an expensive decision that requires a company to dedicate time, staffing, and financial resources.

The bill creates a straightforward return on investment through the creation of an affirmative defense.  

The frameworks laid out in the bill are well recognized in the cybersecurity community, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Internet Security, and the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.  

HB 6607 passed out of the committee on a 22-1 vote, and was sent to the Judiciary Committee for review.

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