A proposal quietly making its way through the legislative process requires certain employers to guarantee a 30-hour work week to anyone performing any amount of janitorial work for them.  

It’s another example of government overreach, denying employers the flexibility to manage their own workplaces in Connecticut.

HB 6877 impacts job creators with a total of 100,000 sq ft. of offices in one or more locations, a multifamily dwelling consisting of 50 or more units and at least one elevator, and others. 

The proposal even applies to janitors whose services are contracted by a business but who are not directly employed by the company.

And the 30 hour-week would be mandatory, even if the employer doesn’t need that amount of janitorial service or if the worker doesn’t want 30 hours at that particular location. 

Promoters of the bill want to force the 30-hour work week so that it triggers additional mandates under union contracts.  

Further, they argue for HB 6877 while knowing full well that it will result in the loss of jobs in the state.   

Some might benefit, but job creators will once again be required to absorb the costs and burdens associated with the bill. 

Connecticut needs to encourage private-sector investment in our state and not add additional barriers—like this one—to job growth.

It’s costly enough to do business in Connecticut, let alone difficult to make it through the gauntlet of government mandates that seem to be on the increase.

Let’s remember that Connecticut is losing population, still lagging the nation in job recovery and creation, and still one of the most expensive states to live in.

Connecticut can do better; legislators need to reject costly mandates and work to #MoveCTUp.

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