Last fall’s jobs session began an effort to recharge Connecticut’s economy, but a proposal this year to help keep that momentum going unfortunately failed.

SB 1 was tied up in the state House as the clock ran out on the 2012 session, a victim mainly of last-minute political maneuvering.

Among the pro-jobs initiatives in the Commerce Committee proposal were those:

  • Expanding eligibility for employers wanting to take advantage of the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Small Business Express Program.
  • Transforming the “First Five” program into the “First Ten,” with substantial financial incentives for companies that create 200 jobs and preference given to foreign companies looking to locate jobs in Connecticut.
  • Promoting tourism and Connecticut-made products. 
  • Providing grant money to employers who hire combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

While SB 1 failed in the regular session, aspects of it could return in budget-implementing legislation to be proposed in the upcoming special session.

CBIA encourages lawmakers to continue pursuing ways to promote job creation and economic growth in Connecticut.