CBIA’s Comp Services board of directors has announced a $1 million experience refund for the program’s qualified policyholders.

The dividend will be distributed to those policyholders with good loss ratios.

CBIA's workers’ compensation program has distributed more than $5 million in dividends to qualifying insured members since 2016. 

“Limiting losses is essential to the success of every organization and CBIA believes companies that pay attention to worker safety should be rewarded,” said CBIA president and CEO Chris DiPentima, president of CBIA Comp Services.  

“This dividend reflects the focus our members have on safety, which reduces the program's loss costs, and is a reward to the members who generated these great results.”

Meets Coverage Requirements

The CBIA Workers’ Comp Program, administered by FutureComp, meets full state coverage requirements and is available to CBIA members in certain manufacturing class codes.

The popular program is owned by policyholders and helps members control their loss costs by providing on-site loss control and risk management services, as well as managed care services that include a network of medical providers chosen specifically for their occupational health experience.

This program also helps clients easily meet Connecticut coverage requirements.

CBIA's workers’ compensation program has distributed more than $5 million in dividends since 2016. 

Among the program highlights are:

  • Potential dividends
  • Competitive rates, which have decreased by 30% since 2015
  • Better claim management, which leads to quicker return-to-work and lowers costs
  • Specialized on-site loss control services built on vast experience
  • Managed care services hold down costs and keep clients informed
  • Hands-on, personal service
  • Monthly billing schedule eases budgeting

For more information, contact Todd Kaupin at Future Comp (855.874.0123; ext. 54289).

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