Dozens of students attending the University of Connecticut Hartford will be able to graduate tuition-free, and with a unique view of the evolving workforce, thanks to The Hartford.

The Hartford Scholars Program is a $1 million commitment covering the cost of college for 50 students over the next two years who live in Hartford and are enrolled at UConn Hartford.

“This new commitment builds on our enduring legacy of community engagement in the city of Hartford as we strive to advance equal economic, educational, and workplace opportunities,” said The Hartford’s president Doug Elliot.

“We recognize that equitable access to a quality education can be a critical component to future success and look forward to mentoring The Hartford Scholars as they chart a course to accomplish their goals.”

In creating the scholarship fund, the company will cover the gap between 50 students' existing financial aid and the remaining cost of tuition for four years.

UConn’s Division of Enrollment Planning and Management will choose recipients who all Hartford home and demonstrate financial need. 

Professional Development

Twenty-five students have been identified for 2021, including Cesar Carreno.

“The financial support also means that I can rearrange my schedule so that I don’t have to work as much, so I can focus more on my education and have more time to study,” explained Carreno.

Another 25 students will be chosen next year.

Each student will get a set allowance, in addition to the scholarship money, for other expenses such as books and transportation.

The program is part of the company's overall goal of helping Hartford residents gain equitable access to economic, educational, and workforce opportunities. 

The company will go a step further in their commitment by providing the students with opportunities to connect with The Hartford throughout their education.

That will include mentorships, unique group exercises with employees, and professional development programs.

UConn Hartford director Dr. Mark Overmyer-Velázquez said the university is proud to partner with The Hartford and continue their meaningful relationship.

“By supporting UConn Hartford—where first-generation college students and students of color represent the majority of the student population—The Hartford’s partnership demonstrates the company’s commitment to positive change in the City of Hartford and an understanding of the importance of higher education in expanding opportunity for the youth in our community,” said Overmyer-Velázquez.

The program is part of the company’s overall goal of helping Hartford residents gain equitable access to economic, educational, and workforce opportunities. 

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