Federal Tax Forms

Withholding allowances for federal income tax purposes are claimed on Form W-4, designated as the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

This is filed by the employee with the employer during the initial hiring process. If no Form W-4 is filed, the employer must withhold tax as if the employee was single and had claimed no exemptions. The employee may change his or her withholding allowance at any time during employment.

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Connecticut Tax Forms

For purposes of state income tax purposes, employers are required to retain a Form CT-W4 in their files for each employee.

They must also file copies of Form CT-W4 with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services for certain employees claiming exemption from the Connecticut withholding.

A copy of Form CT-W4 for all new hires should be sent to the state Department of Labor to assist in the enforcement of child support obligations.

Connecticut also has a range of business tax requirements.