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Education Foundation

CBIA's Education Foundation secures grants to support its educational and workforce development initiatives. Grants for public-private partnerships have allowed us to

  • increase the number of Advanced Placement courses in Connecticut's schools
  • implement more rigorous curriculum
  • support career academies
  • provide work-based experiences for teachers and students
  • recognize high-performing schools
  • create and replicate pilot programs in lean manufacturing and supply chain management at Connecticut's community colleges
  • incorporate precision manufacturing skill standards and competency assessments—by the nations' only accredited developer of such standards—into Connecticut's technical high school curricula
  • retrain workers so that their skills meet the needs of current and prospective employers


Learn more about the Education Foundation and its current projects and campaigns.

Teacher Goes to 'Summer School'

Bob Michalak, a technology teacher at Stafford High School, is working at Atlas Metals this summer, as part of the College of Technology’s Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing externship program. CBIA administers the program for the RCNGM.



New Education Foundation Executive Director: Andrea Comer has been named executive director of the CBIA Education Foundation. More

Education Drives Economic Development

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association is dedicated to the development of a highly skilled workforce—one that enables Connecticut businesses to compete in an increasingly knowledge-based, technological, and global economy.


Given changing demographics and intensifying global competition, our state is at risk of not meeting the labor needs of its employers, who increasingly can develop talent anywhere in the world. To continue to innovate, Connecticut must invest in its educational infrastructure, making certain that our young people enter the workforce with the professional and technical skills they need to succeed.


CBIA works on two fronts to ensure that our state meets those goals.


Public Policy Advocacy

CBIA makes important policy recommendations to government, foundations, and corporations. We provide staff and member representation on task forces, agencies, and commissions appointed by administrative and legislative leaders, and we have established a strong reputation at the federal, state and local levels for our expertise in workforce development and education reform.


We advocate for policies ranging from expansion of early childhood education to high-school reform, pathway programs from two-year colleges to four-year universities, and increased assessment and accountability at every level.