According to an article posted on last week, CBIA member GE invested more than $2 billion in research and development for Ecomagination and Healthymagination innovations in 2013, with Ecomagination offerings generating $28 billion in revenue, according to the company's new sustainability report.

Ecomagination is GE's program to develop products and services with significant environmental advantages. This includes investing in cleantech research and development. Since 2005, GE has invested roughly $13 billion in ecomagination R&D, on track to meet the commitment of $15 billion through 2015. In February, GE announced the continuation of its ecomagination investment committing to invest an additional $10 billion to reach a total investment of $25 billion by 2020.

The report says GE met its goal of growing revenues from ecomagination offerings at twice the rate of total company revenue in five years: with revenue totaling $28 billion in 2013.

GE's energy efficiency improved 31 percent from the 2004 baseline year (measured as energy/$ revenue). GHG emissions were reduced 32 percent from the adjusted 2004 baseline. Building off this success, in February GE committed to reduce GHG emissions and freshwater use by 20 percent, from the 2011 baseline, by 2020. GE's freshwater use was reduced 45 percent from the 2006 baseline, the report says.

The report also includes an update on GE's healthymagination commitments, which include investing in new technologies and business models. In 2013, two years ahead of schedule, healthymagination reached 100 validated products and solutions that strive to improve the quality, access and affordability of care. During this time, GE invested $4.2 billion in research and development for these innovations. In addition, GE Ventures, Healthcare invested in entrepreneurs and companies that accelerate innovation in digital health, affordable medical procedures and precision medicine.

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