Q: Does the Connecticut verified Real ID driver's license count as a List A document for identity and work authorization when completing the Immigration Form I-9 for new hires?

A: The Connecticut verified Real ID driver's license—with the gold star in the top right corner—has been available since October 2011.

To get that form of driver's license, you must present to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles a variety of documentation including a U.S. passport or U.S. birth certificate, Social Security card, and two pieces of recent mail indicating a Connecticut residency.

The significance of this Real ID is still limited to identity documentation for domestic airline travel and entry to federal facilities.

As of Oct. 1, 2020, you will need either the Real ID or a passport for these purposes.

Eventually it may be acceptable as Form I-9 documentation for both identity and authorization to work (List A), as well as a form of national identity document, but that is not yet the case.

For now, it remains as an acceptable document for Form I-9 identity purposes (List B).

Please note that the non-verified Connecticut driver's license continues to be acceptable as a Form I-9 List B identity document.

This remains the case despite that some older driver's licenses have the notation "Not for Federal Identification."

Here is some more information from the Connecticut DMV on the Real ID license.

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