A Massachusetts plastic packaging manufacturer faces close to $370,000 in OSHA penalties after a burn incident at one of its facilities. 

OSHA investigators said hot liquid plastic sprayed onto a Berry Global Inc. worker when they were changing a screen on a plastic bag extruder machine.

The incident happened in September 2021, but investigators believe it could have been prevented.

They said the company did not comply with OSHA lockout-tagout requirements and did not provide employees with personal protective equipment. 

Investigators also found company leaders conduct inspections for safety protocols periodically. 

Hazard Protections

Following the investigation, OSHA cited Berry Global for two wilful violations and one repeat violation, adding up to nearly $370,000 in penalties. 

OSHA officers said workers are often unaware of the potential hazards that are presented in the plastic manufacturing industry. 

Lockout-tagout training programs are available online to help employers. 

If a worker experiences a work-related first, second, or third degree burn, the incident must be recorded with OSHA if it involves one or more of the outcomes in standard 1904.7

The outcomes include medical treatment beyond first aid, restricted work activity, job transfer, or days away from work. 

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