Final statistics for fiscal 2019 show OSHA significantly increased the number of inspections, with a record amount of compliance assistance.

In a statement, OSHA said its enforcement activities reflect the agency's continued focus on worker and workplace safety.

Federal OSHA inspectors conducted 33,041 inspections in 2019, addressing violations related to trenches, falls, chemical exposure, silica, and other hazards.

That's more inspections than the agency performed in each of the previous three years.

OSHA also provided a record 1,392,611 workers with training on safety and health requirements through its various education programs.

The agency's no-cost On-Site Consultation Program identified 137,885 workplace hazards in 2019 and protected 3.2 million workers from potential harm.

Enforcement Targeting

"OSHA will continue to use Bureau of Labor Statistics data for enforcement targeting within its jurisdiction to help prevent tragedies," said Loren Sweatt, principal deputy assistant secretary of occupational safety and health.

"Inspections for OSHA were up, and we will work with state plans so employers and workers can find compliance assistance tools in many forms or call the agency to report unsafe working conditions.

"Any fatality is one too many."

Employers who need assistance in meeting their safety obligations can take advantage of OSHA's no-cost, confidential On-Site Consultation Program.

OSHA Training Institute Education Centers also provide training to workers, employers, and other safety professionals across the nation.

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