What are the on-the-job ethical issues that make you uncomfortable?

At the recent American Society of Safety Professionals Conference in New Orleans, a panel of safety experts was asked this fundamental question: Where should safety professionals draw the line?

Each panelist was asked their views on the most important ethical questions the safety professional faces.

Safety/News Alert reported that answers ranged from the level of appropriating training needed for a worker to be efficient and safe, to the potential dilemma caused by artificial intelligence and/or automated vehicles, to safety professionals working outside their expertise.

Whether your issues are like these, or there are others that keep you up at night, we would like to hear from you.

Your responses will be published anonymously in our next newsletter so that we can spark a discussion of these issues and hopefully bring them to the surface so you and our safety community can gain insights or suggestions in addressing them.

Please email CBIA's Phillip Montgomery with your issues and areas of ethical concern.