How can we fix Connecticut’s failing schools? Reverse plummeting graduation rates? Attract and keep great teachers and principals?

Connecticut’s public schools once led the nation. Today, too many of our children are denied the opportunity for a great education and the skills they need to pursue meaningful careers.

Over the past two decades, while other states acted, Connecticut ignored education reform. While other states showed foresight and courage, Connecticut did little.

The result? Soaring dropout rates. Dwindling graduation rates. The nation's worst achievement gap. And too many of our children denied the chance for a great education.

Governor Malloy's education reform initiatives, as outlined in the original version of Senate Bill 24, represent a promise to all Connecticut children.

Take Action: Your Role

It's time to put children first. Real reform means:

  • Rescuing at-risk kids, through greater access to early childhood education programs and additional training and incentives for teachers and administrators who choose to work in low performing schools;
  • Fixing broken schools. Providing a systematic, intensive approach for intervening and turning around our worst performing schools.
  • Supporting teachers and leaders. Other states are succeeding because they're attracting and keeping great teachers and principals. We must encourage, fairly evaluate, and reward true professionals.
  • Offering more choices. Additional funding and resources for magnet, agricultural science, charter, and vocational technical high schools.
  • Promoting accountability. Cut red tape, give school districts more flexibility to pursue innovation and increase efficiency while tracking education spending and effectiveness.

Connecticut voters support education reform. So do parent groups, school administrators, and business and community leaders.

Why isn’t Connecticut moving ahead with meaningful reforms? Adopting ideas that are working in other states? 

Are we going to talk for another 20 years? How many more studies do we need? Where's the sense of urgency?

Support the Governor’s reforms. 

Because we can't wait.