Several proposals that we reported on during the 2014 legislative session, and which could have been harmful to Connecticut’s economy and business climate, failed in the last days of the session:

  • A bill (HB 5274) prohibiting employers from posting job openings that discriminate against unemployed people also would have allowed claims against businesses if candidates believed they weren’t hired based on their jobless status.   
  • While SB 371 was designed to protect immigrant employees, it also would have forced innocent Connecticut employers to defend meritless retaliation allegations. 
  • HB 5280 would have prevented a business from taking advantage of tax credits or financial assistance from the state if any company executives were compensated beyond a certain level. 
  • By changing the definition of what’s “medically necessary” for insurers to cover, HB 5529 would could have significantly impacted the quality of care and increased healthcare costs in Connecticut. 

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