A proposal quietly making its way through the legislative process requires certain employers to guarantee a 30-hour work week to anyone doing any amount of janitorial work for them.

The proposal, HB 5371, is another example of government interference and overreach into Connecticut workplaces.

Biz-Costs_020516And it’s certain to increase the cost and burden of doing business in Connecticut.

HB 5371 affects job creators with a total of 100,000 square feet of offices in one or more locations, as well as public and private institutions of higher education, and museums.

It even applies to janitors whose services are contracted by a business but who aren’t directly employed by the company.


The 30-hour week would be mandatory, even if a business doesn’t need that amount of janitorial service or if the worker doesn’t want 30 hours at that particular location.

Promoters of the bill want to force the 30-hour work week so that it triggers additional mandates under union contracts.

Further, they argue for HB 5371 while knowing that it will result in the loss of jobs in the state. That’s because the true goal of the bill is to force part-time janitorial staff from their jobs in order to make way for more “dedicated” full time union janitors.

At a time when Connecticut’s business climate is under stress and scrutiny, proposals such as HB 5371 to micromanage workplaces are counterproductive.

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