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Each month, we profile a Connecticut small business, showcasing the ingenuity and innovation driving the state’s economy. For July, we spoke with Gordon Hull, co-owner of Danbury-based manufacturing operations consulting firm GS Enterprises LLC.

When was your company founded?

GS Enterprises LLC was started in 2019. 

How many employees work for your company?

We currently have three employees and work closely with engineering firms, Connecticut consultants, and fabricators.

Who are your customers?

Our client base varies. We work with start-ups, early-stage companies, as well as generational and well-established corporations.

What makes your company unique?

At GS Enterprises, we have a unique approach to work. Rather than simply generating reports and handing them over to our clients, we choose to work alongside them.

This allows us to gain a deep understanding of their business, culture, employees, and what drives their success.

GS enterprises leadership
Gordon Hull and Susan Conrad are the co-owners of GS Enterprises LLC.

We believe that everyone should be involved in the process of change and understand how it will benefit not only the company, but also its employees by streamlining tasks and processes.

We also don’t believe in bureaucratic red tape, preferring instead to cut through it with our scissors!

What is a fun fact about your business or its history?

We founded GS Enterprises after recognizing a high demand for operations guidance.

Our extensive years of experience have provided us with valuable insights into the challenges that companies face when developing their operations.

As a result, we decided to leave our long-standing careers just two weeks before Christmas in 2018 and establish our consulting company.

Why did you choose Connecticut?

My business partner and I were born and raised in Connecticut and have had well-established careers in the state.

Our vendor partnerships are invaluable and have afforded us the ability to pivot and produce deliverables for our clients in minimal time.

What is the greatest advantage to operating in Connecticut?

Connecticut is a great location for businesses due to its highly educated workforce, convenient proximity to major economic centers like New York City and Boston, robust infrastructure, and supportive business incentives and programs.

Additionally, the state has a strong concentration of advanced industries, such as aerospace, insurance, and healthcare, which provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

We are working on connecting with some youth groups to start mentoring the next generation of workers and leaders in manufacturing in Connecticut.

How do you try to give back to your community?

We are involved in mentoring young up-and-coming mechanical and electrical engineers. We enjoy helping them along their journey.

We are also strong supporters of Bringing Back the Trades and try to involve ourselves in that movement as much as possible.

Where do you see your company in five years? Ten years?

We envision GS Enterprises as a full-service provider that provides contract manufacturing and a full-service engineering firm with mechanical, electrical, and industrial design services while maintaining our core passion of operations consulting.

What is the main thing policymakers could implement to make your company more competitive?

To improve competitiveness and success, policymakers should focus on tax breaks, infrastructure, attractive regulations, and linking schools to industries.

This includes incentivizing training programs and collaborations with universities and research institutions.


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