Well-known family business consultant Henry Hutcheson recently offered his list of what he considers his top pointers and solutions for those running family businesses. They include:

  • The most important action a family business can take: installing appropriate governance. That means having a board of advisers with some members who are not family or friends. Pay should be based on position and contribution.
  • The approach with the highest correlation to a successful succession is having the next generation spend some time working outside the family business. The next best is working for someone other than the owner.
  • Good communication is the key to a healthy family business and mitigating conflict. Regular family meetings are essential for good communication.
  • Siblings work together longer than child and parent. Their success depends on three things: defining roles and responsibilities; having open, honest, and frequent communication; and defining the money, benefits, and separation parameters.
  • Family members who do not work in the business can have a major impact on the future of the company. Don't ignore them.

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