Goodwin College is offering a continuing education program that trains workers in quality assurance and inspections for modern manufacturing.

And it's seeking manufacturers to provide worked-based learning opportunities for students after they complete the first module of the training program.

Students begin the 22.5-week course by learning basic industry skills in order to receive nationally recognized credentials in safety and quality.

They then study quality management and inspections techniques, engineering drawing interpretation, and Lean manufacturing concepts.

Students also develop skills related to measurement and test equipment.

Program courses include key principles of manufacturing, technical drawings and specifications, Lean manufacturing principles, methodology and calibration, materials and processes in manufacturing, and advanced methodology and calibration.

Employers will be invited to speak with students and conduct interviews to select pre-apprentices who would start in January 2020.

Students may be considered for full-time employment once they complete the program in April 2020.

For more information, contact CBIA's Deb Presbie at 860.244.1932.