The sooner new employees learn workplace rules and practices when starting a new job, the sooner they become productive workers.

Supervisors may wish to review the following topics with new workers:

  • Introduction to co-workers.
  • Company operations and activities.
  • Building or plan layout, including employee parking areas and entrances, fire exits, bulletin boards, cafeteria/break areas, and rest rooms.
  • Starting and quitting times, work schedule location, pay dates and procedures, overtime and other forms of compensation, break and meal periods.
  • Policies on preventing and reporting accidents, and how to obtain emergency medical attention.
  • Dress and attendance standards.
  • Telephone use policies
  • When and whom to contact in case of absence.
  • Provide a written job description and a blank copy of performance evaluation review form.
  • Performance standards.
  • First work assignments.
  • Training to do the job.
  • Person to go to for help.
  • Procedures for obtaining work supplies
  • Other company policies and procedures.