What It’s About

  • CONNSTEP's Cybersecurity Planning Toolkit offers free online training material and tools including interactive lessons, videos, and templates that you can start using immediately to assist in moving forward toward compliance.
  • Microsoft Excel Workbook tracks your progress and serves as a gap assessment, planning and documentation tool for NIST 800-171 compliance.
  • Separate worksheets address the security controls within each of the 14 families of NIST 800-171 requirements, with all 101 security requirements addressed in this tool.


Each worksheet contains:

  • The NIST 800-171 security requirement within that family with a checklist column to indicate whether or not you are in compliance.
  • The NIST 800-53 method of control that applies to the security requirements.
  • Implementation support for the security requirements.
  • A documentation column for use in entering locations of supporting evidence of compliance, dates of compliance, or planned compliance initiatives in progress.


For more information, see CONNSTEP's cybersecurity services.